Company Overview

tbmuas_logo_altTBMUAS warehouses, distributes, markets and sells a variety of unmanned aircraft systems in the US and internationally.  We also provide certified factory training for global manufacturers of commercial, public and industrial UAS.  TBMUAS also maintains a staff of highly qualified FAA Certified Air frame and Power plant  mechanic’s as assemblers and technicians, and can provide system and flight training and services worldwide.  Additionally, TBM provides system customization services and can deliver a wide range of sensors and payloads to support any sUAS mission profile.

TBMUAS also works with numerous Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to provide flight services for a variety of applications such as criminal enforcement and Search and Rescue.

In addition, because of our rich history in custom-built solutions, you can consider us your “Area 51” shop that custom builds the things no one has considered or will attempt.


East Coast office closure.

We do apologize the Sarasota Office is currently closed until further notice. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at Admin@tbmuas.com

What We Do

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Why us?

  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Firestorm UAV Inc.
  • 15000 Customers (Private, Industry, Government)
  • Office locations in Oregon, Florida, and British Columbia
  • 12 Employees (6 Technical)
  • Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor Experience
  • Represent Multiple Airframe Manufacturers
  • Leading Supplier of Industrial Agri sUAS Systems
  • Leading Supplier to US Government (non-Tactical)
  • Specialize in System Customization
  • Flight and System Training Programs


  • Airframe Assembly
  • Ground Support Systems
  • Sensor Packages (Camera, Thermal, NDVI, Gas Detection, etc…)
  • Payload Design  (Gimbals, Turrets, Vibration)
  • System Customization:  Airframe, Payload, Power
  • Ground School, System Build and Flight Training Services
  • Flight and Data Collection Services (USA FAA Compliant)
  • System Support and Repair

Some Of tHe Brands We Carry